Changing the way I think about money

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When I was in school, I learned about the “Self-fulfilling Prophecy”. If you are not familiar with it, the very simplified idea is that kids that were expected to do well in school most often did exactly that. And kids that were expected not to do well, also ended up doing exactly that. The idea was that our thoughts become our reality. I believe that to be mostly true in my life.

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I have taken some pretty big chances in my life that have created some rather successful situations. I always have a Plan A, and plans B-M just in case. I am even fortunate enough to have money saved in case I need a plan N-Z as well. My situation always eventually works out. It may be difficult and it may not be exactly as I picture but it works out. I know that to be true. However, I have struggled with the idea of money for most of my life and it has become quite apparent lately. I need to believe that everything will work out financially, the way I know my situation will work out eventually. So, it is time I change the way I think about money. The thing about changing is, that you have to be ready, willing, and open to the change. You have to mean it. So, I am ready, willing, and open to changing the way I think about money.


As you read this, I want you to think about if these statements are true for you. Feel the weight of these words. In order to change the way I think about money, I need to acknowledge how I think about it now and destroy all those thoughts.


I destroy and uncreate every negative and restricting thought that I hold about money. Any negative attitudes or beliefs I carry in my life. The idea that money is limited. That you have to work hard to receive money. That money is not freely given or received. That having an abundance of money is only for certain people. That I am unworthy or undeserving of being wealthy. That being exceedingly wealthy is dangerous or unsafe in some way. That having an abundance of money will create more issues. That I have to settle for a life less than I dream of. That no matter how much money I have, I will never make a difference. That I am not enough. That money is scarce. That money creates stress in my life. That I have to live by the same beliefs as those that came before me. That you shouldn’t enjoy your job because receiving money was more important than happiness. That my life revolves around money. That life is stressful. That there are things you simply cannot afford even if you need it.


I pull all these negative and restricting thoughts together and destroy them. I replace every one of those thoughts with positive thoughts of abundance. Feel the lightness of these statements and allow that joy to flow through you.

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Money is everywhere. Money flows easily and abundantly to me. It is safe for me to be wealthy. I receive money just for being me. Money flows to me in all directions. I enjoy my job. There are infinitely many ways for massive amounts of money to flow into my bank accounts. Money serves me. Money works for me. I deserve to have money piling up in my bank accounts. I deserve to be wealthy. I am capable of joining the ranks of the rich and famous. I can afford anything and everything I truly need. I deserve financial freedom. I am ready for the greatness of my life. Money just shows up for me. I receive an abundant income doing something I love. I receive money easily for my efforts. I have more money than I could ever need. I love money. Every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied. I live life abundantly. Money is simply a part of my life. I am enough. Life is a celebration. I forgive myself for believing those false statements and I accept this new way of thinking with an open heart.


If you struggle with money, I hope this helps you in some way. 

Happy travels!


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