How being a solo female traveler has made me a hopeless romantic

November 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Polebridge- Glacier National Park MontanaThe Big Dipper shines in the night sky of Polebridge Montana.


I feel like I have read quite a few articles recently by women talking about how it is impossible to date them as a solo female traveler. I always nod along in agreement, thinking yes that happens to me! But somehow, I think I have become more of a romantic. Believing in that one true love. And here’s why.


  1. I spend a lot of time in very romantic places. Stargazing curled up in a blanket in the Badlands. Watching the sunset over the rock spires in Monument Valley. Drinking cocktails watching the ocean waves roll in on the beach. I love doing these things by myself, but it makes me think about having a special someone sitting next to me.
  2. I don’t stay long enough for a relationship to go south. Lately I have only been in one place long enough to get those feelings before it is time for me to take off again. So all I am left with is the happy memories. Sunset walks along the golf course. Surprising me with flowers in between meetings. Full moon hikes. Playing frisbee on the coast. Day drinking floating down a river.  Then I leave and I am left thinking “What if?”
  3. I spend hours alone with my thoughts. I am pretty easily entertained and can generally drive for long hours no problem. But after a few long drive days in a row, lonely sleepless nights, and too many hours alone with my thoughts, I become bored. Then I think about those past relationships and all those happy memories.
  4. I spend way too much time watching Hallmark movies and reading cheesy romance novels. It’s hard keeping up with new shows when your schedule is constantly changing. So instead of watching the same reruns over and over, I watch Hallmark movies. Their over-the-top storylines and less than gripping acting has me swooning for my own Hallmark movie. It doesn’t help that I read cheesy romance novels waiting for the sunset to light up the landscape, or the stars to come out.
  5. Everywhere I look, I see happy couples. Sure there are a lot of tired parents dealing with unruly children, but there are also a lot of couples seeing an incredible place for the first time. Couples taking selfies with their loves. People getting engaged at breathtaking locations.
  6. Pinterest. I am on Pinterest semi-regularly. Usually to get ideas on things to do for upcoming trips or organization strategies for my trailer. But, of course, my Pinterest feed is sometimes filled with designer wedding gowns, unique engagement rings, DIY ideas for the reception, etc.
  7. A lot of my friends are married. My Facebook feed is constantly filled with wedding and honeymoon photos, engagement photos, baby photos, anniversary photos, it’s Friday and I love you photos. As much as I am truly happy for them, it’s a lot of naked babies.
  8. I believe it is quite difficult to actually find a person to marry and therefore am always impressed by those that do. For two people to meet, date, fall in love and get married is quite an impressive accomplishment. Meeting is hard enough, even with those dating apps. Then there are so many options, it is nearly impossible to not be tempted by what else is out there. You have to be in the same general geographic area. Your schedules have to line up, at least a little bit, or you will never see each other. You have to agree on major political, social, and religious topics or at least be willing to never talk about it. Want to have a baby and she doesn’t? Bummer. Then you have to love all the little nuances about this person. Then, if all that lines up. You have to stay in one place longer than a few months.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and I am so grateful I have this opportunity. I love my freedom and independence. I love being able to do whatever I want and knowing that I can. But what if, I had a partner that made the hard things a little less hard, and made the wonderful things even more wonderful. How much better could this experience be, with the love of my life sitting right beside me?


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