How can you afford to travel so much?

February 24, 2018  •  2 Comments

I get asked this question a lot. The short answer is, I work. Hard. I rack up overtime until Labor Laws, or my manager, tells me to go home. Then I keep working. Then, I travel. Hard. And I keep working.  Sometimes I forget why I work so hard. Days like today where all I want to do is suntan on the beach and sip sangria. But then I look through my photo gallery and my list of places still to visit and remember why. So here are my top sources of income while I am on the road.

1) Seasonal Jobs. This is my main source of income. I look for companies that target full-time RV-ers as well as short-term, high paying positions. My favorite website for this is CoolWorks. But Workampers is also a great resource. CoolWorks Workamper

2) My website. This is where my photos are actually available for print. There are a few products available as well including ornaments, calendars, and cards. Hope Photography

3) Zazzle. In my free time, I like to take make products out of some of the photos I have taken and I post these products for sale in my Zazzle store "Designspiration". Sometimes the image on the product is just the photo, and sometimes I use various programs to abstract or manipulate the photo. My favorite products are leggings, posters, magnets, luggage tags, and mugs. Almost any of my photos on my website can be transformed into a variety of products. I am always happy to take special orders. Zazzle  

4) Amazon Affiliate. When I recommend a product in my blog post and I include a direct product link to Amazon, I receive a portion of any sales as a result of that click. This includes when I share a link to the general Amazon site. There is no change in pricing or experience on the consumer side. It is just a small way to help a small business while you shop for things you were going to buy anyways. Save this link as a favorite and shop all year long with Amazon while you support my business.  Amazon

5) Survey Savvy. This really only amounts to a couple dollars a week but when I am not feeling very inspired and I just want to watch TV, at least I can still complete a few surveys and make some money. It's pretty easy. Just complete surveys and get paid. You may not qualify for every survey but usually, in about 10 minutes, you can make a dollar or two, sometimes more! SurveySavvy

6) Rover. This is one of my favorites, getting paid to play with animals! When I am stationed in one area for a couple months I update my Rover account to my new area. I meet with clients to check in on their fur babies while they are out of town. This could be a quick check-in, a walk, or overnight stays. Pay varies depending on service but it can add up quickly especially around the holidays. Use code ANGELA20OFF20 for $20 off your first service.

7) Usertesting. Get paid to test websites before anyone else! Tests usually take 30 minutes to complete and you will need strong Wi-Fi and a quiet room. Sometimes no tests are available or you may not qualify for a test. But generally, it is an easy way to make $10. Usertesting

8) Ibotta. This is an app where you get money back for things you were going to buy anyway. Just search for items in the app and upload your receipt. You can create a shopping list in the app to maximize your refund, or you can review available refunds after you have made your purchases. Use referral code uuwqqfw to get started. 

9) Stash. Stash is an app that makes it easy to automatically invest extra money. I always try to save money but forget to make the transfer. With Stash, I set my investment preferences and the amount I want automatically transferred, and Stash takes care of the rest. Investments take time to grow but it is nice knowing my money is out there working for me.  Get $5 for signing up with this link: Stash

10) Drive for Uber or Lyft. I am no longer an active driver but I still feel like this is worth including. I averaged about $12/ hour but I avoided driving on Friday and Saturday nights, which are traditionally high dollar nights. I had a more fuel-efficient vehicle at the time which made it more cost-effective. I drove with both Uber and Lyft but much preferred Lyft. I made much higher tips with Lyft which was a very nice benefit but you can easily drive a couple hundred miles a day without even realizing it. This one is hard as a full-time traveler since most states will require you to be licensed and/or registered in the state you will be driving in. Since I don't want to change my state of residency that often, it no longer makes sense for me. For $50 in Lyft ride credit, use code ANGELA91097

11) Madera. Madera is an outdoor sporting goods company specializing in hammocks. For each purchase made, they plant two trees. Hammocks need trees too! Any time you make a purchase using this link, I will earn a percentage of the sale, you will get awesome gear, and two trees will be planted. Triple win! Madera

12) Portrait photography. This one is relatively new for me. Most of my experience is in landscape and nature photography but I am on a mission to learn all things photography. I focus on Graduation, Engagement, and Family photos. If you are in need of some current family photos, let me know! 

13) Real Estate and Architecture Photography will soon be on this list too! 

I have started dabbling with Upwork but there seem to be a lot of scams posted instead of real jobs.  I hear Etsy can also be very profitable but living in a small trailer I haven't created enough space to maintain some stock on hand. I also hope to build a printed inventory to sell at Art Festivals.

What are your suggestions for making money on the road? One of my favorite things about being a full-time travelers is that you are so open to all the possibilities. All you have to do is make it happen. 


Happy travels! 


Hope Photography
Thank you for the tip! I actually have a Swagbucks account but I haven't used it enough to make any money from it. Good to know you have had good success with it, I will have to use it more often!
Try Swagbucks too! You do various things for "swagbucks", like surveys, watch videos, shop, click on Facebook links, etc. I like it a lot
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